So About

The Doge community is a really great place. We design products that hopefully help you feel connected to that community

We do not manufacture any of the items

We are web developers and social media people, not printers. We use a “print on demand” service called “printful.” This is because holding inventory of these items would be a little more costly then we can correctly afford. And we do not have the tools to make these items.

However currently we do keep the Diamond Hands Doge in stock! 

We would love to work with other creators that make products like those that we sell here and will provide our images to you.  Please contact us here if you would like to partner

Return Policy

We partnered with printful because we like there return policy regrading; misprinted items, damaged items and defective items. You can read their return policy here:

However in the case of "buyer’s remorse" we sadly do not have a way of taking back your products. But you could try putting them up on reddit and seeing if anyone wants them!

Our Wallet. For Transparency

This is our wallet. If you would like to donate you can, but you do not have to.

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